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Medical Protective Equipments

We offer home delivery service worldwide for our wholesale and retail medical MASKS for the prevention of new coronavirus pneumonia, protective clothing/gownes, ANMO(Anti Epidemic Monitoring workstation), eye shield/goggles, face shield, vinyl gloves, Nitril gloves, operating cap, and Infrared Thermometers.

Chinese manufacturers have manufacturing licenses for Class II medical devices. At the height of the epidemic, the product was requisitioned by the China government, indicating its safety and reliability.

Among them, medical protective masks meet the Chinese KN95 certification standard (equivalent to the US N95 standard), and the filtration efficiency of particles with an aerodynamic diameter of 0.075µm ± 0.020µm reaches more than 95%, which is suitable for front-line protection personnel in hospitals.

How to Choose a Mask to Prevent Coronavirus?

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How to Choose a Mask to Prevent Virus?

The transmission of new coronaviruses is mainly through droplets and contact.

For droplets transmission, when an infected patient coughs, talks, or sneezes, the droplets contain a large amount of virus, and the transmission distance is up to 4.5 meters. If it is inhaled or dropped on the mucous membrane of the other person, it will cause infection.

Drops larger than 5 microns in diameter will settle quickly, but in wet and cold environments, it will adhere to objects and survive for up to 5 days, resulting in contact transmission.


There are many masks on the market, but only N95 (KN95) masks and medical surgical masks are effective.

N95 (KN95) masks generally have 4 layers and can block 95% of pathogenic bacteria. It is a medical N95 (KN95) mask with anti-humidity function, which is suitable for front-line protection personnel in hospitals.

General medical surgical masks generally have three layers and can block 70% of pathogenic bacteria.


Material: https://wikimili.com/en/Melt_blowing

Technical standard: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NIOSH_air_filtration_rating

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